Big, Small
and Everything
In Between

We build cooling systems to the demands
of your equipment.

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Designed to Fit the Challenge

We work with clients from a broad range of industries, building cooling systems that fit their unique needs. If you don’t see the application you’re looking for, just send us a note. We’re happy to build a system that works for you.

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Power Generation Applications

  • -Oil and Gas
  • -Standby/Backup Power
  • -Emergency Power
  • -Prime Power
  • -Peak Shaving Power
  • -Mission-Critical Systems

Industrial Equipment Applications

  • -Process Industries
  • -Fluid Power
  • -Paper Mills
  • -Steel Mills
  • -Power Units
  • -Presses

Mobile Equipment Applications

  • -Construction
  • -Agriculture
  • -Mining
  • -Rail
  • -Forestry
  • -Utility and Municipal Vehicles
  • -Forklifts and Material Handling
  • -Cranes
  • -Drilling
Therminator Blades
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“Our engineering, our innovation—everything we do is to safeguard your mission-critical equipment.”

James Kettinger Sr.

President & CEO

Jim Sr
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