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Radiator Testing
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Innovative Engineering

Our engineers are absolute experts in the field, and they have the degrees—and the results—to prove it. Armed with the smartest software and a full-scale calorimeter in-house, IEA engineers can design high-performance, efficient cooling systems for every application. Every day, they go to work to solve your unique heat challenges. And if the right solution doesn’t already exist, they’ll build it from scratch.

See some of the core considerations our engineers make here:


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Seal of Approval

Like any trusted supplier, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified. But we go beyond even ISO standards. It’s our quality, speed and down-to-earth service that has won us many fans. One of our biggest fans is Caterpillar. We were honored to become a certified platinum supplier in their Supplier Quality Excellence Process. Want to see why they love working with us? Send us a note.

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